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best casual shoes for men:adidas Parley Running Shoes: Athletics for the Environment

At a time when some of the social and scientific challenges that we face seem particularly daunting, it’s encouraging to see groups that are working to have a positive impact. One such group is Parley, an organization that is dedicated to reducing the amount of plastic trash in the oceans. This plastic is dangerous for a number of reasons including the fact that many forms of marine life die after becoming entangled in plastic or after ingesting it. Parley’s strategy to combat this threat consists of a three-pronged approach that includes avoiding the use of excess plastic where possible, intercepting plastic waste before it enters the oceans, and redesigning how plastic waste is reused in new products.

Many organizations have joined Parley in their mission to reduce plastic trash in the ocean, and one big player to get on board is adidas. As a company, adidas has made it their goal to cease the use of virgin (new) plastic in favor of creating products that are made with recycled plastic. A notable part of these efforts include their direct partnership with Parley to create new apparel and footwear lines that use waste plastic sourced directly from the ocean. Athletic performance meets environmental protection; it’s pretty cool.

In support for the cause, we wanted to share the efforts of Parley and adidas with you and to highlight one of the new running shoes within their line: the new adidas adizero prime Parley. Essentially an adizero Adios Boost 3 with a primeknit upper, this shoe has a springy boost midsole and a proven race chassis that provides ultimate responsiveness with a smooth ride. The primeknit upper is where the partnership with Parley comes into play. In addition to increasing comfort, the sock-like Primeknit upper is made entirely of plastic that was removed from the ocean. If you’re looking to increase the physical and social benefit of your workouts, a Parley running shoe might be your next pair.

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