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best mens shoes:6 Easy Ways to Add Distance to Your Run

Looking for motivation to run the extra mile? Trying to break free of your daily route? Running a marathon in a month and need to run more than five miles this Sunday? Let us help with our list of six easy ways to extend your run!

1. Leave yourself for dead – Pick a route and have someone drop you off a set distance from your destination. There’s only one way back, and nothing motivates like necessity.

2. Make map images – It doesn’t always have to be a prom invite, but it will take you a while.

3. Pick running partners who are bad at math – If you don’t have the GPS, Terry can take you on a 9 mile version of a 6 mile run.

4. Go somewhere that is too nice – When the scenery is stunning, you simply must see what’s around the next bend.

5. Run with good people – Enjoying yourself can make you want to add that extra loop.

6. Get lost – This is the most tried and true method for running farther than intended.

On a more serious note, if you plan on increasing your mileage, be sure to do so safely. Carrying enough fluids and having the right equipment to get you to your destination are important considerations. To see some products that may help, feel free to peruse the links below.

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