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We are pleased to introduce the latest version of Avon, our wingcap country brogue which has been

created in English cordovan shell leather.

Cordovan shell leather is often considered to be one of the finest leathers in the world and to ensure you receive the best quality, we’ve teamed up with British tannery Claytons of Chesterfield who have been trading since 1840 and are recognised Worldwide for their unparalleled quality.

We have produced the latest version of Avon using the finest slow vegetable tanned horse leather.

Vegetable tanning is a traditional craft process that tanneries have handed down from father to son for over 200 years.

The actual tanning process itself is time consuming, taking between one to three months.V

In vegetable tanned leather only organic materials such as bark, branches, leaves and even some fruits in some

specific techniques are used instead of harmful chemicals.

Being organic there are many benefits to vegetable tanned leather including:

Colors and textures have a more natural and organic look.

High durability and strength.

Can last an entire lifetime and/or is bio-degradable when it ceases to be used.

Bark powder used as a tanning agent

After the tanning process, the cordovan leather before dyeing

Shell cordovan is always in short supply.  This is due to the limited amount of suitable horsehides available, and also the long tanning process. So our Avon is a limited edition available exclusively online

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