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buy mens casual shoes online:UltrAspire Running Vest Technology Update: The Max O2 Strap

Anyone who runs with a hydration vest knows the importance of being able to move freely while wearing it. If you have a pack on, chances are pretty high that you’re on a long run. When it comes to long runs, comfort is key, because even the smallest issues build up and can become bigger issues as your run progresses.

ultraspire_alpha_20_vest_1Most hydration packs and vests come with an adjustable strap of some sort in the front. Various belts and clips work together to fasten your vest in the front, enabling you to get the vest on and off with ease. The issue with many traditional front fasteners? They can cause problems. Clips can cause irritation as you run, rubbing up and down if the pack doesn’t fit just perfectly. And another issue is getting it to fit just perfectly, as your chest’s volume fluctuates throughout your run… even from breath to breath. So how can you keep your vest securely fastened with just the right fit, while also ensuring that there is enough room for you to breathe and adjust throughout your run?

The Max O2 Sternum Strap System

ultraspire_alpha_20_vest_3UltrAspire has come up with a vest closure that helps solve these issues. The Max O2 Sternum Strap is an innovative solution that UltrAspire is using on all of their new running vests. The elastic bands provide connection in two places, allowing two points of adjustment instead of just one for an accurate fit. Because of this design, you can adjust the straps with one hand, which makes on-the-run adjustment a cinch. And the genius part about these elastic straps is that they allow for a little bit of stretch as you run – just enough to account for your breath and to allow you a comfortable range of motion and chest volume variability while also remaining secure around your body.

UltrAspire Vests with the Max O2 Sternum Strap

ultraspire_spry_20_vestUltrAspire Spry 2.0 Vest – MSRP: $70.00

This vest is all about going fast, and is perfect for races and shorter runs. With a minimal construction and a lightweight design, the UltrAspire Spry Vest 2.0’s design contours to your body and comfortably carries essentials, lightweight apparel, and has enough room for a 34 oz (1L) hydration reservoir (sold separately).

ultraspire_revolt_vestUltrAspire Revolt Vest – MSRP: $80.00

This vest was designed specifically for Magdalena Boulet, with the idea to keep the water bottle in back. Designed with a unique rear holster near your center of gravity for a stable feel, this vest holds a 550ml UltraFlask bottle with access from both the right and left sides for easy access. An additional elasticized over-the-shoulder pocket can hold an additional bottle, or offer a quick stash storage option for gloves, a jacket or other essentials. This vest works well for both men and women.

ultraspire_w_astral_vestUltrAspire Women’s Astral Vest – MSRP: $130.00

This is a vest designed specifically for women, and is a great everyday, go-to vest. This vest is shaped to fit a woman’s curves, and stays comfortable on long or short runs. The amount of storage allows you to carry whatever you may need for a variety of runs, and thanks to the new Max O2 Sternum Strap design, this vest is highly adjustable for comfort around the chest area.

ultraspire_revolution_20_vestUltrAspire Revolution 2.0 Vest – MSRP: $140.00

The Revolution 2.0 is a “do-it-all” vest – good for races or adventure runs, whatever your pleasure. It is designed to carry a single ergonomically shaped 26oz water bottle at your back for on-the-run hydration, and with several front pockets and dual front elastic pockets, you’ll find a generous amount of storage for any gear you may need. Dual compression straps secure the ride as the contoured vest shape distributes weight to eliminate pressure points.

ultraspire_velocity_vestUltrAspire Velocity Vest – MSRP: $129.00

Going on a big adventure? This is the pack for you, thanks to its large capacity. Developed using feedback from elite ultra-athlete Jeff Browning, the UltrAspire Velocity Vest is built for the runner looking for a lightweight pack designed for longer trail racing but with sufficient capacity for your essential trail or adventure run gear.

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