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casual shoes online for men:Brand Spotlight: Salomon S-LAB Running Products

Those who are no stranger to trail runs are certainly no stranger to Salomon. As one of the foremost brands in the trail running industry, Salomon has blazed the trail (pun intended) in brilliant innovation and design.

S-LAB designated products take Salomon trail running to the next level. S-LAB stands for “Salomon Lab”, which alludes to the research lab at Salomon’s headquarters in Annecy, France. This is where the magic happens. Designers and developers at Salomon work to create the pinnacle products for elite athletes of the trail running scene.

©SALOMON.PHOTO.JordiSaragossa_SA_1761_hi_148498Product development

The usual progression for developing product in the running marketplace (or any marketplace, for that matter) is to figure out what attributes a product should have, and what the price will be. Then, choices are made to produce the given product within those price constraints. Salomon took that idea and threw it out the window with their S-LAB products. They approached the innovation and design of their products with a different standard – each product should be made to the highest quality and lowest weight without consideration to price. Once they nail it, achieving a premium performance product, they determine whether or not to make that product available to the public.

©SALOMON.PHOTO.JordiSaragossa_205_hi_148589Elite Inspiration

While this elite product is being developed at the lab, it is tested by athletes and tweaked accordingly. This ensures that the product is made with the athlete’s needs in mind. Many S-LAB products are started with a specific athlete and event in mind. And through that process, they set goals. If a certain athlete is planning to run a given race, what could make their experience better? What could make them run faster? How could the products they use enhance their running experiences, allowing them to run better? Ergonomics, fit, weight, and protection are all taken into account, and real-life situations are applied in order to find solutions to problems the athlete may face. Then, the S-LAB product is produced and made available to the public.

Trickle-down product development

What about all of the Salomon products that aren’t S-LAB, then? Are those products for the dogs? Well in one word, nope. Salomon takes the things they learn through innovation in the lab and applies it to all of their products. The difference lies in the premium quality of the materials. For example, if in the lab Salomon comes up with a new pocket design that is convenient for runners to access, they will carry that design through to all of their packs, not just S-LAB. The difference between a regular Salomon jacket and an S-LAB Salomon jacket would be that the S-LAB version will be made of lighter materials. Both jackets will be durable and made with excellent quality, but at different price points to reflect the weight difference and the cost of making something lighter while maintaining durability.

From shoes to apparel to packs, S-LAB has developed the foremost product on the market and made these elite quality pieces available for trail runners who want their running products to be as uncompromising as they are when they’re running.

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S-LAB apparel

With their S-LAB apparel, Salomon asks their athletes, “What do you find problematic with your running apparel as you run? How can we make it better?” One example of this concept is the Salomon Men’s S-LAB Hybrid Jacket. Problem: Finding a good place to stow your jacket on the run. Solution: Stow it in itself in a comfortable band around your waist.

S-LAB shoes

The S-LAB Wings Shoe and forthcoming S-LAB Speedcross Shoe are examples of where Salomon took an existing product and gave it the S-LAB treatment to make it lighter. The S-LAB Sense Ultra is an example where Salomon started at the top and then produced the more mainstream Sense Mantra and Sense Pro, so that a broader range of the public would have access to a low-offset Salomon trail shoe.

S-LAB packs

The XT Wings S-LAB Set pack redefined the hydration pack category. It was leaps and bounds ahead of anything ever produced before. The low weight, ergonomic fit, access to pockets, and adjustability made the pack perform as an extension of the body. And as great as that first one was, the current line-up is even lighter and better.

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