dressy sneakers for men:Running Warehouse does the Zion Half Marathon Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes

dressy sneakers for men:Running Warehouse does the Zion Half Marathon

Some call it squad goals. Some call it crew love. No matter what you call it, when you have a group of coworkers that become more like family, the possibilities are endless. Friends that run together, stay together, and here at Running Warehouse we take that to heart. To celebrate that unique bond we have, we do things together outside of work. Happy hour, group runs, book club – and sometimes, a road trip to a super beautiful national park.

When four of our lovely RW ladies (Becky, Kaitlin, Moe, and Jasmine) decided to run the Zion Half Marathon together, we knew it would be one for the books. If you’re feeling a little envious, hold up. You, too, can make this dream a reality! Here are a few things our ladies learned from Zion.

Embrace your running differences. Becky, Kaitlin, Moe, and Jasmine all come from different running backgrounds, and that’s awesome. Kaitlin and Moe ran track in high school, while Becky and Jasmine are relatively newer to the game (both discovering a passion for running within the last 10 years). It doesn’t matter the experience under your belt, in fact, racing with runners of different speeds/abilities will help you push yourself without even knowing it.

Train together. With everyone’s schedule being different, sometimes the struggle is real. Becky and Jasmine did their long runs together on weekends. Find ways to make it work, because running with friends is fun and motivational. You’re less likely to flake out on a long run if your running buddy is depending on you. Also, when it comes time for the race, if you’ve trained together, you are more in tune. Jasmine noted, “My training partner (Becky) was my rock throughout the race, urging me on and staying by my side till the finish!”

Thanks to Oiselle for supplying our ladies with these custom lux long sleeves!

Thanks to Oiselle for supplying our ladies with these custom lux long sleeves!

Anything can happen on race day. Living on the central coast, we’ve all become accustomed to running at sea level in almost always perfect, sunny weather. When preparing to race in a place like Zion, you have to take into account the high elevation, the change in weather, and the season. Let’s face it, weather can be unpredictable.

As Jasmine recalled, “We all knew going in that elevation may play a slight role in our performance. However, we also heard that because the elevation was low, we’d probably be fine. Not the case. Around mile 3, my breathing became labored and my legs felt like lead.  My pace slowed and I started to feel disappointed and frustrated. Around mile 8, we decided that instead of stressing over our pace and finish time, we were going to enjoy the wonderful views and atmosphere.”

With regards to weather, Moe commented, “The weather was crazy prior to the start of the race. It rained the night before and where we were supposed to park was muddy and all the racers had to be shuttled to the start line, unless they had 4 wheel drive. The race organizers had to send out text messages to all the racers to let us know about the change in plan. Although, the start line was super muddy from the rain, I found the temperature to be perfect once we got started; slightly cool but not too cold.” Always pack for a variety of conditions!


Make memories. And I don’t just mean on Instagram. Running races with pals strengthens friendships and forms a lasting bond. Group running is great for that in general, so when you add in a beautiful destination race, you have a recipe for something unforgettable. When asked what some of her favorite memories from Zion were, Becky said “crossing that finish line with Jasmine, and seeing Kaitlin waiting for us!”


Stop to take it all in. Don’t forget to enjoy a destination race for what it is! As Kaitlin commented, “Appreciate the experience over the outcome.” The opportunity to run in a beautiful or exotic place can be lost if you are focused too much on the run itself. Instead, focus outward and really take it all in – chances are, you won’t even be thinking about your pace! All four of our gals say that the Zion Half is a race they would do again, and one they can’t recommend enough. Moe reflected on her favorite sights: “Seeing all the cows and emus along the way… the mountains were gorgeous and there was something beautiful to look at every step of the way.” Becky remembers, “The course and views were so serene, breathtaking, and inspiring. We spent the last few miles trying to soak it all in.”

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