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ladie shoes:Tips for Running on Vacation

Whether you’re going to visit family or explore a new destination, you’ll likely find yourself traveling at some point this summer. If your fellow vacationers are also runners, it’s easy to plan a getaway centered around running. If you’ll be traveling with non-runners, the key to maintaining your training routine while traveling is planning ahead, and there are a few specific details to think about before you take off. Run through this checklist before you leave to be sure you’re workout-ready for your vacation this year.

Pack a running bag

If you have room, bring a small duffel or pack for your running essentials. Keeping your gear separate from the rest of your vacation necessities will make it easy to grab-and-go from your hotel room (or your tent…). Plus, you won’t stink up the rest of your belongings. Pack your trainers, a bottle for hydration and enough socks and run apparel. If you’re a music-while-you-run kind of person, then don’t forget to pack the tunes.

Plan a (rough) itinerary

We know, vacation is supposed to be a time of spontaneity – you get your fill of ‘carefully scheduled’ when you’re not on vacation, but hear us out. Planning a rough itinerary for your trip will help you plan ahead when it comes to squeezing in workouts. If you know you’ll be stopping by a museum in the afternoon, you can workout in the morning. If you see that one day will be particularly jam-packed, plan your rest day around it.

Adjust to a new time zone

If you’ll be traveling far enough to stay in a different time zone, take a few weeks to adjust to the new time zone before you leave. Gradually change your sleeping patterns to suit the clock where you’re headed, so your body doesn’t suffer the effects of a drastic time change. This way you’ll be ready to tackle workouts refreshed when you arrive at your destination.

Stay somewhere with a gym

When you’re looking for accommodations, try to stay somewhere that has a gym. You can run pretty much anywhere, but a gym comes in handy if you need to fit in a shorter workout on a particularly busy day. For a quick, intense workout, try an interval session with weights. If it’s going to be very hot (or very muggy) where you’re headed, it might be a prime time to mix in some cross-training by swimming some laps.

Pack nutrition

If you’re going to train while you’re on vacation, you’ll want to make sure you have some nutrition for pre- and post-workout noshing. Having a few healthy, portable snacks on hand can help prevent you from going too overboard with the ‘I’m on vacation, I’ll eat whatever’ mentality. For quick energy on the go, pack some Honey Stinger Waffles or Clif Bars.

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