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leather shoes for men

Spring came, men should have at least 3 pairs of shoes

As a representative of Dress shoes, men and women should be boat shoes for men, white shoes for men, men dress shoes,leather shoes for men,mens formal shoes.

1, Oxford shoes

Oxford shoe's lapel is closed. When the shoelace is tight, the tongue is covered. The toe part will have different changes. More popular Oxford shoes, in the toe part of the cap toe style.

General with the words, brown and black Oxford shoes is preferred.

2, Derby shoes

Derby shoes shoes are open style. The upper and the tongue are the same piece of leather. When the shoelaces are tight, the tongue can be exposed. Put a look at the balance of Oxford shoes and Derby shoes contrast soap.

Feet relatively high Fan friends, it is suitable for wearing Derby shoes. More popular style, and is the Bullock (with hollow carved design) style combination of Derby shoes.

See a lot of good-looking Bullock style Derby shoes, suitable for office workers, like the trend of Fan Fan who.

3, Munch shoes

Mencius shoes were originally Italian monks wearing a shoe type. There is a piece of tongue wrapped around the tongue and metal buckle decoration. More popular style is the two buckle of the Meng Ke shoes.

4, Le Fu shoes:

If the spring to wear a little breathable and modern point, wear shoes is very suitable for friends. Lok Fu shoes is the first from Norway, an easy to wear off the shoes Slip-ons, after being carried forward, reached the United States has a new name - Luoafer.

It is also a variety of deformation: no decoration, with tassels, a diamond-shaped incision tape, and metal buckle.

It is important to note that Penny Loafer is decorated with a rhombic incision tape on the upper.

Another very classic fashion music shoes, is a metal horse with the buckle of the Gucci Loafer.

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