male footwear:The Benefits of Soft Gel Flasks for Running Nutrition Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes

male footwear:The Benefits of Soft Gel Flasks for Running Nutrition

They say there are two kinds of people. Those who put toothpaste on their toothbrush by squeezing the middle of the tube, and those who roll the tube from the bottom. I’ve always been the rolling type – I hate the idea of wasting perfectly good toothpaste just because it’s stuck at the bottom of the tube. And, I’ll be honest, the OCD part of me is really satisfied with the whole process.

Maybe this is why the improvement to the structure of gel flasks resonates with me. There is something so satisfying about making sure that you are getting all of the gel out of your flask. It feels more efficient, which is the whole purpose of having a gel flask in the first place.

Soft gel flasks are pretty great because they do a few things that improve upon the traditional method of consuming gels. Let’s take a look at all of the benefits.

Soft gel flasks…

save packaging. Filling a reusable gel flask with gel that you can buy in bulk eliminates the packaging waste that happens when you consume each gel individually. You could also fill the soft gel flask with a bunch of individual gels, but who has time for that?! Save time and waste and just buy bulk. If you consume a lot of gel, this will also save you money.

help you avoid littering. Even when you’re careful, it’s easy to lose pieces of the gel wrapper as you run. Disposing of the empty gel wrappers in your pocket is also messy and sticky. With a gel flask, it just cuts out the issue entirely.

can hold a lot of gel. Instead of filling all of your pockets with individual gel packets, you can just carry one soft gel flask, filled with up to 5 packets worth of gel. This streamlines your nutrition process and gives you easy access gel whenever you need it.

can hold as much or as little gel as you need. Just need one gel? That’s fine. Need 4? Add that amount. The quantity can be exactly what you need (up to 5), helping to eliminate more waste, and also helping to regulate your nutrition.

are now easier to squeeze. As I mentioned above, this makes it much easier to get out more of that precious gel when you’re on the run. The Salomon Soft Flask and the GU Flask that we carry both can hold approximately 5 servings of gel.

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