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Men wear casual shoes to pay attention to:

Clothing to achieve the overall harmony, that is, from head to toe color, style match, in order to reflect a man's cultural accomplishment, aesthetic ability and chic style, shoes is the most able to show men wearing taste accessories. Usually tapered trousers should be oval-shaped pointed casual shoes match; straight trousers to have w-shaped seams with shoes shoes match; hunting pants should be equipped with high to help turn the fur shoes look handsome, rough, shoes and pants harmony The key is the shoe shape, shoe clip and pants shape, jeans geometric modeling similar.

Modern pay attention to color with appropriate, shoes, pants are no exception. The easiest way is to use casual shoes with pants and socks with color combinations. In addition, you can also be the same color of men's casual shoes with pants, while the socks with different colors, but should avoid contrast too much color, such as black and white. Again, pants for a color, and let the casual shoes with the same color socks, so that more prominent personality. Each person only with their own characteristics and personality to choose, in order to achieve good results.
Casual shoes and casual pants with

Casual shoes with what pants, of course, is the most common with casual pants with, but not too hit color, color to coordinate. Tuddy pants and dark gray shoes is very perfect match. This fashionable suede leather leather lace with casual shoes, the use of lightweight, wear-resistant rubber foam outsole and high-quality combination of anti-velvet leather, not only fashionable fashion and wearing comfortable. The whole pig skin forming pad, will wear, comfort, breathable performance to the extreme, giving you a comfortable and comfortable wearing experience.

Casual shoes and straight jeans with

Casual shoes and jeans with the classic is also very good. Make people look very casual, very sincere. Straight jeans made of 100% cotton denim, feel thick and soft, version of crisp. Appropriate washing effect x shadow cat cat must be, naturally not unexpected. Using standard five bags of design, lightweight and convenient. With the waist after the new logo brand, quality and instantaneous upgrade.

Casual shoes and tight pants with

This section of Korea imported ultra-light casual shoes, walking in the trend of the Korean people, is the season's most casual shoes. Dark brown with the front tires leather shoes, has confirmed the quality of this shoe, the color of the fashion and personality, enhance the visual perception of the shoes; the atmosphere of strong shoes, rather than low-key display, this is the season trend. Black tights, but also people feel cold wave attack.

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