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At present, China's footwear industry is joining the gold development period, especially to join the project to high-quality services and low prices to become the first choice for people travel. Whether it is in the bustling first-tier cities or is in the rise of the second and third tier cities, leather mens shoes franchise can be described as blossom everywhere, but many hurry to join the shoe store because of price competition, management of professional Chengdu is not high, single management and other issues , The development into the bottleneck period.
Still brand determined to make quality mens shoes more fashionable, the elements of the trend into people's lives, into the modern fashion concept which. Brand set up eight years, adhering to the "create the most fashionable top mens shoes, one of the brand" and "the art of pilgrimage, let us go farther" brand core values, to show consumers not only a Kind of product, it is a kind of modern life art perception.
Second, the full support for the franchisee to win at the starting line. casual leather shoes for men brand, in the production process of the process requirements and strict quality standards, strict implementation of product quality management concepts, and establish a production management independent of the quality assurance system.
From product design, process flow to the workshop production, and then to the transport and sale, have developed a detailed, controllable management standards.
Finally, the innovative business model for laying the foundation for the expansion of shoe stores. mens leather shoes casual, extended to the leather products line, all highlight the charm of its brand.

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