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shoes for women online:New Balance Buyer Vs. Sales Rep Giveaway

Update 1/21: Those of you who follow this blog were undoubtedly caught up in a recent runner’s duel that took place between our enthusiastic New Balance sales rep, Jason, and Erik, our very own footwear buyer.

In an intense half marathon in Carlsbad on Sunday, Erik put up a swift-footed performance, finishing in an impressive 1 hour, 27 minutes. As quick as Erik’s time was, however, it was not enough to match the 1:20 clocked by our New Balance sales rep, Jason.

Congratulations to all who picked Jason, the New Balance rep to come out on top in this intensely contested footrace, and special congratulations to Tyson in TX, the winner of the New Balance Buyer Vs. Rep Giveaway! Thank you to all who entered!

Original Post: Here’s the deal. Our friendly neighborhood New Balance rep, Jason, recently challenged our footwear buyer and in-house ultrarunner, Erik, to a runner’s duel of the most classic form: a good, old fashioned footrace.

The goal: To see who is the faster runner.

The venue: the Carlsbad Half Marathon on Sunday, January 19.

So what’s in it for you? We’re giving you a chance to win a New Balance Head To Toe Package, which will include a New Balance shirt and pair of shorts, as well as a pair of New Balance 1400 v2’s.

What do you have to do? Simply predict who you think will run the faster half marathon in the form below, and if you pick correctly you will be entered into a drawing for the prize listed above. It’s that simple. To make your choice a little easier, we’ve gathered a few stats that we think could be key in the race on Sunday.

Please feel free to give your inquiry in the form below. We will reply you in 24 hours.
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