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The least tiring shoes are "it"

The least tiring shoes are

To guess the protagonist of today. Before it is a symbol of celebrity gentleman, but does not mean that only in formal occasions. It is not just the style of the school wind, romantic suave darling son like to wear, those style low-key, ideological and behavior are not bound, adhere to the self-yu men love it, talented rebellious rebels are more love it , Whether men or women, have people who taste it.

The answer is already ready, it is loafers for men. You are not wrong, the above is Michael Jackson, his feet on the pair is very classic loafers for men Penny Loafer he not only usually like to wear, even on the stage performance space step is also wearing a happy shoe shoes battle.

Loafer intentionally means wandering people, this pair of shoes are also called Lazy Man Oxfords, the reason is self-evident. In fact, there is no official proof of the historical origin of Loafer, the argument is also uneven, and some people say that from the North American indigenous wear Mocassin Mocassin shoes evolved, but more reliable argument is , From the 1930s in Norway, the local herdsmen often wear a shoelaces without shoelaces, such a pedal is particularly convenient to wear more and more people, slowly spread to Europe and the United States The

George at the age of eighteen with a lot of brand founder, like a leather craftsman under the door when the apprentice, but two years, he went to Massachusetts, by their own craft to make a living. In 1863, he received his father's support, returned to the master, and bought his leather workshop. Until 1876, he shot again, bought part of the shares of EP Packard & Co., As a wholly-owned shareholders, the official footwear industry, also changed the company name, yes, changed to G.H bass. In 1836, he launched a pair of upper lof loops with loquat for loafers for men
, Is the prototype of flat shoes. Because of this loafers for men
There is no buckle or shoelaces, so later on the surface of the shoe to increase a hollow design of the belt, because like Moccasin, so he named this shoe Weejun, with the English "Norwegian" Norwegian pronunciation similar. Yes, this pair of shoes John Fitzgerald Kennedy also super love to wear, yes, President Kennedy.

So what about Penny? Ivy League Ivy League refers to the 50th century, by Harvard University, Columbia University, Princeton University, Yale University, Brown University, Kang Naier University, Dartmouth College and the University of Pennsylvania, do not have to explain the eight colleges and universities are the top, the most difficult to test, the most government-supported schools, people say is a talent The world's most prestigious Rhodes scholarships are almost all inside.

The students most often wear this pair of Weejun. At that time the student habitually in the upper belt plug a 1 cent of the coins, used to call the home when the money as a spare, because the public telephone booths are a lot of people queuing, if you pocket to find coins and waste Behind the people of the time, the whole world will be your own eyes.

However, the real push to the trend of this pair of shoes is Guccio Gucci old gentleman.Gucci's first pair of Loafer in 1953 in Florence available. Bass is different, Gucci's Horsebit Loafer horse title buckle shoes with a metal ring to connect the left and right strip decoration, that is, horse buckle, the former belt replaced. Peter New York, the author of The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook, even regarded the pair as a symbol of the most basic identity of the upper class. So you will find that celebrities of that age love Gucci loafers for men
To match the suit, because it is not so serious Oxford University and Derby, of course, casual wear can also take, Jane Birkin did not wear less.

Jane Birkin, 1969
Matt Damon's "Genius Ripley's Talent Ripley" (1999) stills, followed by Gwyneth Paltrow, starring Jude Law and the devil Catherine Blanchett.

But these are considered relatively late, the first to wear this pair of shoes is the mortal angel Audrey Hepburn, 1957 American film "Funny Face sweet sister".

France's first beauty man Alain Delon, the value of the peak of the United States and the United States juvenile image of thousands of young girls, especially those who will discharge the blue eyes.

Alain Delon & Romy Schneider, 1959
From the Lithuanian Lawrence Harvey, the fifties and sixties men are particularly men said that he was in addition to the actor or screenwriter producer and director, when he was in the shop test shoes.

Lawrence Harvey, 1960
This photo you may not know who, but when it comes to the history of the first 30 years old before the Oscar winner Jodie Foster you absolutely have the impression that the child born her 14 years old when the cool.

Jodie Foster, 1976
In 1999 by the American Film Society selected as "the greatest actress of the century," the first 21 Italian actress Sophia Loren, Oscar for best actress and Lifetime Achievement Award winner, and her feet with this.

Sofia Loren, 1970
See so many black and white, to Zhang color solution greedy it 1955 American drama "rebellion without rebellion", OMG, was James Dean handsome blood

James Dean and Nick Ray, 1955
The oldest picture should be Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco

Lightweight and comfortable, flexible, comfortable and loved by a large number of coffee, and later Gucci Carrefour shoes are also the United States Metropolitan Museum of Art (Metropolitan Museum of Art) permanent collection, tinkling, enough Niubi it, This is the Gucci advertising in 1990.

In order to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the birth of shoes, Gucci specially launched in 1953 years of the Collector's Edition, only after rigorous selection of skilled craftsmen to participate in the production of shoes, which is the Italian pulse from generation to generation of craft attitude.

With the development of the trend, material and color are very diverse, patent leather, suede and some rare animal skin, metal parts are made of antique copper or nickel, shoes and vamps are decorated with rivets Should not be late, take a look at the production process analysis of shoes, specially made high-definition long picture, to meet all your curiosity.

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