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The role of sports insoles, you know how much?

People tend to tend to wear shoes shoes style, color, comfort, whether durable, little attention to the impact of the sports insoles on the wear, the importance of insole is often overlooked.

In fact, the sports insoles can not only keep the shoes dry, easy to clean the shoes, so that shoes are not easy to wear. At the same time is conducive to the protection of feet, to keep the foot comfortable, clean, but also slow down due to a long time standing or walking caused by soles of the feet pain, prevention of various foot disease.

What is the function of the sports insoles?

1. The insole has the performance of foot protection. The sports insoles fill the gap between the soles of the feet and the shoe bed, avoiding the feet sliding in the shoes. At the same time the sports insoles must be a good foot support and stability, in the course of the movement can play a role in shock absorption, to avoid prolonged movement caused by a variety of injuries.

2. Have good ventilation moisture. Foot sweating more, the foot of the breeding of bacteria, reducing the comfort of the foot environment. Good sports insoles has a good breathable moisture, improve the hot and humid environment of the shoes, inhibit the growth of bacteria, keep the feet dry and clean.

3. Once again promote foot blood circulation. The use of sports insoles foot health care to promote physical health, so that foot blood circulation. This makes it easy for the foot to end up and relieve fatigue.

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