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What kind of running inner soles resistant to wear?

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of daily living standards, people touch the various styles, a variety of features of the shoes are more and more, which changes in the material is the footwear changes in the basis of functional changes. Running inner soles, upper structure changes require a variety of materials or a single, or a reasonable combination of each other, in order to achieve the best food products, comfort, health and safety requirements.

The development of running inner soles material is inseparable from the development of petrochemical and rubber industry, from the most common pure rubber soles, PVC soles, SBS soles, etc., to the now popular polyurethane microporous soles, EVA secondary foam in the end, PU Soles, TPR soles, etc., people on the material research and development and application of global science and technology is a high degree of development of microcosm and portrayal.

Today, the running inner soles of the material with the breakdown of footwear, more and more attention to the soles of the shoe on the overall impact of the function.

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