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womans black shoes:Saucony’s Cortana 3 Sneak Peek

We previewed the Saucony Cortana 3 awhile back, but we really like the info and super high rez images Saucony puts out for their upcoming product on their blog. Take a look at their sneak peek of the Cortana 3, with several cool schematics of the shoe’s key features. Here are the key updates in their words:

“So what’s changed from previous versions?  The Cortana 3 bottom unit features more ground-contact iBR+ (injection-blown rubber compound, providing a more plush and responsive ride than traditional rubber) than previous models.  The new upper is nearly stitchless, using FlexFilm™ to bond the shoe while providing seamless comfort and reducing the odds of developing hot spots to approximately zero.  We’ve also added a transparent external heel Support Frame™ to offer more structural integrity at the rear of the shoe, and we reduced the weight significantly, to just 9.5oz!”

Read the full blog and see plenty more pictures here.

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